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Feb 19, 2024 - Apr 30, 2024

Collaborator™ Certification (February 2024)

  • 72Days
  • 12Steps


We believe it is essential to build capacity within systems to sustain systemic racial equity transformation efforts after our contract ends. The Collaborator™ certification program is designed for selected individuals that have demonstrated commitment to ensuring deep implementation of systemic racial equity transformation throughout the system. Participants who elect to undergo Collaborator™ Certification will be immersed in an online virtual training platform complimented with live (virtual) coaching from skilled RCC Coaches. Our purpose is to enhance the racial consciousness of individuals with the aim of ensuring that they are prepared and inspired to lead within their organizations and communities by using the RCC framework. Our RCC Tool becomes embedded with current organizational roles, programming, communication, policy, practices, development, staff training, customer relations, and more. Collaborators™ will learn how to authentically model the Racially Conscious Collaboration Tool™ in the context of their areas of responsibility both personally and professionally. Organizations will be able to leverage Collaborators™ as racially conscious models and capacity builders throughout the organization for application, implementation and systemic change. FOR A PROGRAM BROCHURE VISIT

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