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Foundations of Racially Conscious Collaboration™ is a highly engaging transformative one-day experience where your people experience personal and professional practice with our research-based tool designed to accelerate your effectiveness in the cross-racial dialogue necessary to sustain racial equity transformation in your organization.

Want to learn how to hold yourself and others in transformative conversations about race, and anti-racist action?  Collaborator Certification™ is for you.  Join a growing international network of certified Collaborators™ being equipped to serve as internal capacity builders in their organizations.  Complete the interest form to get started with your enrollment in the next Collaborator Certification™ cohort.  Help your organization ensure that systemic racial equity transformation sticks.

In our experience, a change effort of this nature and magnitude is most effective when people in an organization—particularly its leaders and those who aspire to leadership—commit to transformative work focused on deep systemic implementation.

RCC University is a runway for individuals to learn and develop their leadership skills, with or without organizational support. Our courses are facilitated live by our team of DEI & Racial Equity leaders. Participants will gain immediate, deep personal and real-world workplace racial dialogue practice in each session.


Our purpose is to collaboratively organize people and resources to center racial consciousness and intersectional equity in relationships and collaboration.

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Ovative Group Testimonial Perspectives Series 2023

Ovative Group Testimonial Perspectives Series 2023

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Dr. Laurie Brotman
Executive, NYU Grossman School of Medicine Center for Early Childhood Health, Development

This is your calling Tony!!!  I spent more than three years bearing witness to your skills.  Receipts, receipts, receipts.  Sending love and respect!!!” 

Fadzi Whande

Senior Diversity & Inclusion Advisor, United Nations

I attended Foundations of Racially Conscious Collaboration feeling extremely exhausted from the global events of the last 12 months.  Once the seminar got started Tony was highly engaging. It is highly interactive and provided a safe space for me to be reflective, give space to others and move forward in my racial consciousness.  I feel more equipped to begin the transformative work ahead of me. I highly recommend this seminar as you will learn actionable takeaways that you can apply immediately. 


KayeAnn Lockett Mason
Professor, Therapist, and Social Worker

Shout out to my friend, my brother, and my collaborator on issues regarding race and the best person I know out there doing this work. If your agency is ready to do transformative work around race, Racially Conscious Collaboration will lead you there.

Alisha Saavedra
Board President, ACLP; Professor, Loma Linda University

"The experience of going through Collaborator Certification has been truly transformational on a personal and career level!  I may have earned my certification, but in the end, I feel like I gained a family of supportive collaborators whom I can lean on as we continue to strive for racial equity.

Bailey Kasten