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Collaborator Certification

Colleagues Working Together


Participants will undergo an online certification course in becoming an RCC Collaborator. They will participate in a series of virtual training sessions and complete assigned “homework” for approximately 1-2 hours a week for six weeks.

We believe it is essential to build capacity within systems to sustain systemic racial equity transformation efforts after our contract ends. Therefore, the Collaborator certification program is designed for selected individuals that have demonstrated commitment to ensuring deep implementation of systemic racial equity transformation throughout the system. Participants will get additional time and coaching from a skilled RCC professional with the aim of ensuring anyone in your system has access to a colleague ready and able to assist with deeper implementation of the framework. Participants will learn how to authentically model the Racially Conscious Collaboration tool in the context of their areas of responsibility. Organizations will be able to leverage Collaborators as models and capacity builders throughout the organization.

For questions about Collaborator email:

Shaundra Brown 

RCC Collaborator Program Director

Library Study Group
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