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Tony Hudson


President & Founder, Racially Conscious Collaboration™

As President and Founder of Racially Conscious Collaboration™, Tony Hudson helps leaders and organizations explore how race matters and assists them in becoming racially conscious inclusive organizations.


Driven by a purpose to align people and resources to center racial consciousness and intersectional equity in relationships and collaboration, Tony developed the Systemic Racially Conscious Collaboration™ Framework; a suite of research-based tools structured to assist people and organizations in transformation.


Before founding Racially Conscious Collaboration™ Tony spent the last twelve years successfully ushering organizations through racial consciousness development and organizational change. His clients included Fortune 500 companies, school districts, health care organizations, non-government, and municipal entities. Tony is currently completing a dissertation documenting the experiences of leaders that have engaged in successful systemic racial equity transformation with his help as a consultant.

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Before his work as a consultant, he led systemic racial equity transformation work for the Osseo School District of Minnesota as the Director of Equity. Before that, he was a Head Principal and led his school to the 99th percentile in Minnesota for the rate at which they were eliminating racial disparities. Before that, he volunteered with Isaiah Minnesota where he led school superintendents statewide to address the cradle to prison pipeline that results from racial disparities in school discipline. Before that, he served in a series of community-based, non-profit leadership positions, including the Minnesota Children’s Defense Fund where he founded several Freedom Schools. Before that, he made “Devil in a Blue Dress” his all-time favorite movie and spent a short infinity deciding whether he should pattern his work off of Easy or Mouse. Still deciding.


Now, if he could just convince his two teenage sons that he is INDEED part of the first generation of hip-hop and a reason why it became the world’s greatest genre of music… that would be supreme recognition.

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