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Systemic Transformation



Our change effort will unfold in three phases, preceded by two months of important preparatory work.


Paving the Way (2 months)


We will hold a foundational seminar, Foundations of Racially Conscious Collaboration, with a selected group of leaders from the organization, followed by smaller focus groups with executives, leaders, and BIPOC leaders if appropriate. Paving the Way introduces a common language we will use throughout this work, addresses how to care for the emotional health of yourself and others, and lays the foundation for your organization to internalize for a new lens of understanding necessary to embrace and enact sustainable change.

At this time, we will also conduct our initial assessment.

Then we will begin our work in earnest, through a customized combination of individual coaching, smaller group seminars, focus groups, and training.

Assessments will be conducted approximately three times a year throughout the project.


Phase I: Internalization (6 months)

Leaders will engage in relevant learning and practice and change efforts at the personal and professional levels. We will also train three to five individuals to become certified RCC Collaborators™ to ensure this work continues after our engagement ends.


Phase II: Integration (12 months)

You will use your increased competency to assess, reimagine, and begin to engage different strategies for your work and organization.


Phase III: Deep Implementation (12 months)

You will learn how to keep this new muscle toned and healthy, continually testing, refining, and course-correcting with our expert coaching to adapt to evolving relationships and situations so that your change effort “sticks” for the long term.

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