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As you are aware, many change efforts of this kind fail. In our experience, it is because changes are implemented well before the people at the organization have the capacity to make racial equity change stick. For this reason, the bulk of our work together would focus not only on policies and procedures but on people, relationships, and your most powerful collaborative decision-making spaces.  We aim to equip you with the research-based tools that we have cultivated to build your capacity to provide value to your employees and stakeholders that will distinguish your work as inclusive and relevant to all.

You can also expect us to put race and anti-racism at the center of our conversations and efforts. This approach does not at all mean that we ignore how gender identity, sexual orientation, and a vast array of “othering” marginalizes many groups of people. On the contrary, we have found that it is critical to place race at the center of equity work because race is central in our society and culture.

Confident Woman

As we’ll discuss more during our partnership, wherever race intersects with other kinds of marginalization, race magnifies inequity. Only through a specific focus on race can we truly understand and dismantle othering of all kinds. Without this lens, people have a tendency to skip over race in order to address topics that feel less volatile and more comfortable. We don’t want you to make that mistake; we want you to succeed!

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