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Race & DEI Online Training for the Workplace

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Presented by Tony Hudson,
Founder of Racially Conscious Collaboration.

The Foundations Seminar is an online Race and DEI training crafted to help identify and accelerate the progression of your racial readiness. We utilized the Racially Conscious Collaboration Tool™ to sustain dialogue and usher positive racial identity development. You will gain immediate, deep personal and real-world workplace racial dialogue practice.  


Our Foundations Seminar meets people and organizations where they are in their ability to keep race on the table: as a focus of conversation, as a factor impacting other forms of oppression, and as an issue in organizational change topics.

We also provide a Race & DEI certification learning experience called Collaborator Certification and also a Systemic Partnership for organizations wanting to transform their systems in a racially conscious way. Fill out the form below for more information and how you can join our next Foundation Seminar.

Seminar Outcomes


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